Bob Smiley Comedy

What About Bob?

Bob Smiley has been doing standup comedy for over 20 years. He’s toured with bands such as the Newsboys, Third Day, and Mercy Me… even though his best friend, Toby Mac, tells him not to name drop.  He’s an author of 3 kid books and a podcast for Focus on the Family under the brand series he created called “The Adventure’s of Average Boy”.  He is also a massive hotel shampoo collector and occasionally will take out the trash when asked enough times.  In 2020, you may have seen him delivering food to you as a 4 star reviewed Uber Eats Driver.  The jokes come at you fast but will always be 100% clean for you and your family to enjoy!  

"Bob is a top level performer who studies his art and knows what he is doing." (David Nasser while Bob was staring at him)

"One of the coolest guys I've ever toured with." (Mac Powell)

"Mixes uproarious laughter with valuable portions of the gospel." (Jon Robberson)

"To anyone looking for a cheese free comedian, Bob is your guy!" (Guy eating cheese)

"He keeps asking me to give him a quote for his website." (Matthew West)

"He's the best! Sometimes he'll let me close out his sold out shows for him." (Tim Hawkins)

Bob Smiley Comedy